Australia Day 1: Arrival in Cairns

As promised, the blog about Australia. I’m going to do it day by day, and it will be a few days before the next one is posted since I have yet to drop off my underwater camera for developing. Sorry for the delay, but after I get it done the rest should come much faster! On to the post…


After months of gloom and rain, Karalyn and I finally headed off to Australia for a legit vacation. Sun, surf, glorious summer. It was nice and toasty when we arrived in Cairns (pronounced Cannes, for all you non-Aussies) and after dropping our stuff in our room at the hostel that our tour had arranged, we headed to town to explore.

Palm trees, summer, sand. Love it. Anyway, so we walked around for a bit and shopped at a few places, including some outdoor tents where we bought some sandalwood seed jewelry.

We continued to explore the area (Cairns is pretty small, and everything is pretty much walking distance) and found this sweet pool. Because of the crocs, you can’t swim in most of the beaches surrounding town, so there is this super cool pool that you can swim in that basically blends into the ocean when you are looking at it- so nifty.

We decided to walk back to the hostel along the boardwalk next to the beach, and saw a group of pelicans along the shore.

Unfortunately, they never took water into their bills, but they were still cool. What was even cooler was seeing and hearing all kinds of birds that are normally either “domestic” or in a zoo.

So that was our first day. Look forward to the next post about the reef!