Ellen currently shares educational insight based on her experiences in Dallas through the Franklin Foundation’s blog, Edu|FOCUS. Recently she has crafted pieces concerning school turnover and pre-K enrollment.

Ellen’s short piece “Call Me Ishmael” was published in the BleakHouse Review, issue #004. Go here to read:


She formerly held the position of managing editor for Florence is You!, an English language newspaper in Florence, Italy where she wrote and edited as well as managed the social media accounts.

Ellen’s photograph at Pompeii was recently featured in BBC Travel.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 4.40.11 PM

Ellen’s post on her favorite brunch spot in DC, Patisserie Poupon, was featured on Hopper.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 2.41.01 PM

Ellen recently wrote a guest post for Surviving in Italy on dating and friendship. Her recent post “Go with Oh to Paris” was also featured on their website.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 2.26.57 PM

Ellen has also freelanced for several different publications (see below).

American Utopias (Hot Indie News)

Staying In (Realcity)

Ellen has also worked as a regular contributor for the Science Recorder.

As an intern for Citysearch D.C. Ellen wrote restaurant reviews and created lists to aid D.C. connoisseurs in finding new hot spots to hit.


Angelico Pizzeria

2 Amy’s Neopolitan Pizzeria

Paolo’s Ristorante


Gourmet Shops in Washington, D.C.

Thanksgiving in Washington, D.C.

Halloween in Washington, D.C.

Oktoberfest in Washington, D.C.

Restaurants near FedEx Field

At Citysearch Ellen also worked on content for the Citysearch blog. Since their update, the D.C. blog content has disappeared into cyberspace. See below for an additional list and photo essay from her time at Citysearch.




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