Ellen Miller got her start in education as a college student volunteering with a mentoring and tutoring organization in Washington, D.C. called Facilitating Leadership in Youth. It was there that she was first introduced to the challenges facing students and a seed was planted. Seven years later she circled back to that passion, joining Reading Partners as an AmeriCorps member in her hometown, Dallas. At Reading Partners her interest in education grew as she managed 55 volunteers who in turn tutored 45 students in an elementary school in East Dallas. She is currently actively seeking opportunities to impact education outside the classroom and is focused on programs and policy.

Ellen graduated from American University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in Justice and a Certificate of Advanced Leadership Study. While studying at AU she studied abroad at the University of Wellington in New Zealand and Studio Arts Center International in Florence, Italy, sparking a love for travel. She has a communications background, having freelanced for several publications and she currently contributes to the Franklin Foundation’s blog, Edu|FOCUS. Interested in working with Ellen? Click the links above to view her published work and resume and get in touch.

Curious about Ellen’s adventures? Check out the map below and hit the archives.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Ellen! We connected on twitter and compliments on the lovely blog. I am sure this year will be quite the adventure and if you need any tips or advice about Florence, don’t hesitate to ask :). From one Girl in Florence to the next..

    1. Thanks! It’s so great to connect with another local blogger who I’ve been following… looking forward to the weather’s improvement and our garden explorations!

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