It’s a testament to how busy life has been that I’m writing this blog post at zero hour, hurrying up to get it out on time! You have all been so faithful over the transition and while I really haven’t gotten any feedback I hope that I will over the next weeks as we transition along with my life in Texas. This week I want to share a great coffee find in the Dallas- Fort Worth area with you: Roots. With two locations in the DFW area, I’m fonder of the North Richland Hills coffee shop, inconvenient as the location might be for someone like me. Still, the great atmosphere, good baked goods and fabulous coffee are a big draw, and the great service doesn’t hurt either. From the unique blends of coffee constantly being rotated in the shop (think Bolivian, Peruvian, Ethiopian and many more) to the sausage rolls and cranberry muffins, this place is definitely worth a stop. While no longer truly off the beaten track, you can still always find a table. Hottest tip– don’t miss the lemon cake!



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