Hello friends! It’s been two weeks, but since I’ve left Florence, and my travels are completed (for the moment!), I wanted to give you guys an idea of what’s going on and what to expect going forward.

I was very lucky to have not just six months in Italy on study abroad, but another year afterwards. Some people fall in love with Italy and stay for a lifetime. It’s extremely difficult to do so, and I have friends struggling with “stay or go” decisions all the time. I, however, always knew Italy was not my destiny and returned to the place I currently call home, Dallas, at the end of August after traveling for a few weeks (see previous featured posts). It is an experience that I will treasure, and I’m not sure if I will stay in Texas forever, but being closer to family (I have cousins in high school and grandparents in the area) was a big priority for me right now.

So what should you expect going forward? I’m still figuring that out myself, and I would love any input you have in the comments! I’ll be moving to a biweekly posting for now, while I sort things through. I’ll be sharing bits of my life here in Texas with you, and my travels will continue, though for the moment they will be staying closer to home. I’ll be hitting local events like the State Fair (note the photo, though Big Tex has been updated since due to a fire). I’ll be back in two weeks, and in the meantime, please share any ideas or preferences in the comments below. All the best!


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