It’s so simple to day trip from where we live, but do we ever think about doing it when we are on vacation?

When a friend heard I was heading to Madrid, she insisted I check out Segovia. Turns out Segovia is only just over an hour away from Madrid on the bus, so the friend that I am visiting and I took the bus down on Saturday to check out the town. She’s been several times before, but to be honest I had never really considered day trips outside Madrid. There are other major Spanish cities that I would like to visit, but I didn’t know much of anything about what was close by. Segovia is up on a hill, though not an overly large one, so it has a nice view of the farming land and mountains nearby but isn’t too painful to walk up.

Segovia view


Segovia has an old Roman aqueduct smack in the middle of town, among other notable sights. You can observe the aqueduct from the ground… it definitely makes you feel very tiny compared to its notable height! Such an interesting piece of history in Spain… and appropriate, given that I flew here from Italy.

IMG_2109You can also walk up the side of the aqueduct via the stairs, giving you a great view of both the aqueduct and the valley and mountains beyond.


It was even nicer to be in Segovia because it was about 10 degrees cooler than it has been here in Madrid. It’s a sweatbox in Madrid right now… mid to upper 90s and super sunny. I have this nice tan line on my feet from my flats, but that’s beside the point. Point being, you should check out this town, and not just for the bit of Italian history here. The church is also quite impressive, both inside and out.

Segovia church

The church is very gothically inspired and is a short walk between the aqueduct and the castle. It’s very Gothic and the artwork inside is really impressive. Not too expensive either at only three euros. Continuing on, the really notable piece of Segovia (other than the food, which is really renowned in Spain, and also expensive) is the castle. Known for supposedly inspiring Walt Disney’s Cinderella castle, the castle in Segovia still is host to events from time to time. The last time my friend came, they couldn’t enter because there was a knighting occurring. Yes, Spain still has monarchs. And castles. Don’t forget that in Cinderella the Duke calls out “Señorita!” when she is fleeing!

Cinderella castle Segovia

I have to say, I buy it. The blue-looking roof, the towers… definitely looks Cinderella-esque to me. You can tour the castle, which mainly holds the armory but also a quite impressive throne room and some interesting decor and design. Guided tours and audio guides are on offer, but the display signs are pretty good and the castle is actually quite small (relatively speaking) on the inside, so in my opinion it isn’t necessary. You can also climb the tower, for an additional fee if you feel the need to be that much higher. It being the middle of August, the surrounding countryside is pretty dead, but it’s still pretty impressive to be outside the city and see more of the country of Spain.



The day was really relaxing and it was nice to be outside the city and with the amazing weather we were able to sit outside in the shade and really enjoy ourselves. I highly recommend Segovia for anyone looking to get outside the city when visiting Madrid! I’ll share a bit more later about what I did in the city itself, but I couldn’t resist sharing this tiny charming piece of Spain this week.


I think my favorite part of the castle was the wishing well. I don’t know if it technically IS a wishing well, but it definitely was a very charming and royal sight. If you’re close to Madrid, this view alone is worth the visit.


“A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep. In dreams you will lose your heartaches. Whatever you wish for, you keep. Have faith in your dreams, and someday, your rainbow will come smiling through. No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.”


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