For a friend’s birthday this past week we checked out a place for apertivo that came with a bonus: not just food and wine, but a stunning view. The hotel we went to for apertivo, the Westin Excelsior, is along the river, so there are decent views of the city and great views of the river. The weather was perfect, too! Below you can see one of the dining areas that they have. We ended up sitting in an area with a few couches so we could fit more people.

IMG_1256The food was fantastic, actually, but keep in mind you pay a price for that view: remember, a typical apertivo runs around 8 euro. At the Westin it’s 16. So definitely a special-occasion kind of place, at least for me! A couple people got orange and raspberry mojitos; I opted for something called the Seelbach cocktail, bourbon, cointreau, bitters and champagne.

IMG_1269To be fair, there was a huge selection of food, particularly at the beginning of the evening (they open for apertivo at 7, though you can eat there anytime), so it was really enjoyable. Below you can see a few more great views. If you are looking for something to do for a birthday or other special occasion, put this one up on your list– it’s worth your while!





Buona sera from Florence and buon appetito!


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