Brunch… possibly one of my favorite things on the planet. And not necessarily the easiest thing to find in Florence, where the typical breakfast consists of a pastry and coffee and people eat at fairly structured times during the day. Eggs in the morning? Not a thing here.

There are, however, many cafes that will serve you an “American” breakfast… for a fee. Eggs and bacon don’t come cheap here! When you are really craving brunch, which is more likely to happen if you live here, like me, it’s sometimes better to hit up the American places in town. This past Sunday a friend and I visited the Clubhouse in Florence for the second time, but I’ve also been to the Diner previously (and posted about it here). So far, I have not been overly impressed with their food, but they have two euro mimosas, so I’d say that is a pretty good deal right there. Last time I was there I got the French toast… it was decent, but you only got two regular loaf-sized pieces and I was still hungry afterward. I got the Monte Cristo sandwich this time and my friend got the avocado BLT. Both were decent… they come with good French fries and the mimosas, sitting outside in the sunlight, were really nice.


I have also heard good things about the Odeon Bistro’s brunch, which is a 14 euro buffet with orange juice and coffee. So at some point I may check that out, though it seems pricey. In general I would have to say for breakfast food I still prefer the options at Mama’s, where I typically get quiche or a bagel sandwich. Still, I miss the brunches from the US… definitely something I am looking forward to. Still, here’s my number one recommendation for a meh meal: add gelato or this Sicilian treat, granita. Almond and coffee. See? Instantly better meal.



Have you been somewhere good for brunch, in Florence or otherwise? Let me know in the comments and maybe I’ll check it out!


One thought on “Brunch Bunch: Florence Edition

  1. I miss brunch so much here!! The Dutch have a truly eat-to-live mentality so anything other than a piece of toast (or, if you’re feeling really fancy, a pastry) gets you the side eye. Pancakes here are for dinner (and they aren’t good I’m afraid) and eggs seem to be this magical treat reserved for every fifth Sunday or something!! Perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but my point is: I miss brunch!! I would even settle for a mediocre one at this point hah

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