I don’t know what it’s been like in your corner of the world recently (well… except you, D.C. Sorry you got dumped on for St. Patrick’s Day). What I do know is that it has been absolutely GORGEOUS here. Not to jinx it, but the past week and a half has been pure sunshine and mid-60s, absolutely perfect. The only thing that would make it better would be if it would just not get quite so cold in the evenings. As soon as the sun goes down the temperature plummets, making you carry your heavy coat around all day so that you have it when you walk home.

But that’s beside the point. This past week it was so incredibly beautiful outside that a friend and I just had to take advantage, so we hit up Boboli Gardens just across the river on Wednesday. Now normally Boboli is great as is, but during the months of March and April and ONLY on Wednesdays you can visit the limonaia, where the lemon trees are pumping out all different varieties of lemons, standard… and a little strange. They are housed in a shaded building and there are literally hundreds of trees in pots, which the staff move inside at some point– I know this because I’ve seen the pots outside before.

The pots are arranged in rows and gradually are lifted up on higher and higher walls.



They were slowly ripening so there was a variety of colors on the branches.



I LOVED this cute little orange-y tree with its round shape and full branches.



This was my favorite pot, by far.




But THESE were definitely my favorite lemons!



The limonaia was an amazing way to kick off spring (which technically begins on Friday– happy birthday/spring day Mom!) and was such a unique experience. Tons of people visit Boboli every year but few have the opportunity to experience these great trees.



The flowers in Boboli were also beginning to bloom so we got some great pictures of the roses blooming in particular, though the daffodils had also come up and some hyacinths and just a few tulips were in bloom. These were my favorite roses… so delicate!



Spring has come to Florence! If it hasn’t invaded your part of the world yet, I hope these shots brought you a little bit of sunshine… and a craving for a glass of summer lemonade!


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