Picking pizza is as personal a decision as what you wear, and worldwide the choices abound. Even in Italy there are different kinds according to region, but I have to admit that despite never having been to Naples, Neopolitan pizza takes the cake for me. I’ve been hooked on the chewy crust ever since I ventured into 2 Amy’s in D.C. during my freshman year of college, and since then I’ve eaten at several different Neopolitan pizza inspired restaurants. A few weeks ago some friends and I headed out for pizza and ended up at a Neopolitan eatery in Florence just off of Sant’Ambrogio.

If you’re a weekly reader, you’ll remember that in the mornings the area has a great food market, so any restaurant in the vicinity surely can’t disappoint, right? Il Pizzaiuolo is definitely a winner. Packed out on a Friday night, we were glad we had called and gotten reservations for 9 pm after we had finished watching the Olympics opening ceremony. While there were small groups waiting in the drizzle outside for a table, we were shown right in and had a table quite near to the open over, which was both entertaining and warm, nice on a cold and rainy winter night.

The options seem to be endless, and we each got something different. My pizza had mushrooms, prosciutto, baby artichokes and olives, and was super tasty.



We all agreed that we are definitely going back to get an appetizer we saw another table order– a massive ball of mozzarella cheese with accompaniments. Yum! If you’re looking for good pizza in Florence, this is definitely the place. Fresh, simple ingredients plus a location off the tourist track means that you’re getting serious quality for a reasonable price– and the couple at the next table is probably Italian.



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