So you might be thinking, wait, this chick already wrote about going to a chocolate festival. Yes, this is true, but that one was in Perugia, and this time we were lucky enough to have the chocolate come to us here in Florence. This is a great example of why it’s sometimes handy to flip through a local newspaper… Florence has several English-language papers, all of which have a calendar of events, which is super helpful in terms of finding out what’s going on around town. There’s also a great blog called Girl in Florence that I think I have mentioned before, which does a monthly events listing. Somehow or other, though, I found out about the latest chocolate festival and headed there with a few friends this past weekend to check it out. There were the standard white tents, like at Eurochocolate, but the festival was much smaller, only two long tents and one events tent as opposed to what seemed like hundreds spread throughout the historic center of Perugia.


While there might not have been as many vendors there were still some awesome offerings, and one great thing about the festival was because it’s a smaller scale, they were much freer about giving out samples, something that didn’t happen in Perugia. We sampled quite a few different things, and picked up a couple things to take home to enjoy later.


A really blurry photo of what would seem to be dried fruit covered in chocolate, but which was in actuality more like candied fruit, or something strange. Disappointment. There were lots of tasty looking things though.



The only bummer about chocolate is that it’s often sold by weight… and that stuff is heavy!!


The macaroons looked good but we didn’t try them. Below, though, was definitely the find of the evening.


This stuff was like some kind of hazelnut deliciousness with a chocolate bottom. Yum. Several of us bought some after they let us sample it. Super tasty! There are always tons of unique things to do around Florence if you know where to find them. If you happen to be in the area, the chocolate festival runs through next weekend, so be sure to stop by!


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