Florence is an amazing city of art, but what always gets to me is when you find that off-the-beaten track experience. Maybe the tourist guides even talk about it but no one ever bothers to check it out. You can find the most extraordinary things while walking around the city– but you have to be looking. For example, street artist Clet has “redecorated” many of the street signs in a clever and facetious manner. Google him if you have no idea what I am talking about. You might not notice if you just glance at the signs while walking, or even ignore them altogether, but if you spare a second look you might be amused.

One of the coolest things (in my opinion) that you can see while wandering Florence are the flood markers in piazza Santa Croce. Below you can see the sign that marks the height of the waters from the great flood.


But you need a full-length photo to see just how high that water actually was!


Isn’t that crazy? I can’t imagine the city being flooded so high. Florence is an easy enough city to explore on foot, and as a friend and I were discussing recently, an easy day trip for those who aren’t museum lovers. But if you are really looking, sometimes you can find the nifty little secrets that every city is so fond of hiding.


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