In my never-ending quest to find a place in Florence to hang out that doesn’t involve me standing or paying lots of money, American coffee shops are almost always the winner. If you only have an hour or two, walking through a museum with a friend is great. But for longer periods of time, American coffee shops are better. Arnold’s is an Italian-esque Starbucks, less most of the seasonal flavors that I really enjoy during this time of year.

Arnold’s is located by Santa Maria Novella, so for some it is more convenient than Mama’s, which I’ve talked about before. Each has one big advantage over the other. Arnold’s has much more extensive hours, so if you need a place in the late afternoon/ evening this is it. Plus there is more seating so you’re less likely to have competition for a spot. Mama’s, however, definitely wins on food. Arnold’s also technically has wifi, though it’s a crapshoot as to whether it is working so I don’t recommend relying on it. If it works, yay. But don’t plan to be there for a big job interview or something.

IMG_0258 IMG_0259


Lots of seating, Coffeeshop vibe, big lattes (not the tiny ones everyone drinks here which are great in the morning but not over a book)


Meh food, Impersonal

I’ve just arrived back to Italy today, and I’ve got about a week off before classes begin. I do have to assist with student check-in tomorrow. I should probably go explore the rest of the week, but I’ll likely hole up in my (new to me) bedroom and catch up on sleep!


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