So right now for all those lovely travel bloggers out there, Go With Oh is having a big contest… and here‘s where I would LOVE to be their guest tester! Go with Oh has a stunning selection of apartments in cities all over Europe, and since my favorite thing while traveling is finding unique experiences and being more like a local than a tourist, renting an apartment through a site like this one is the perfect solution when you’re not up for staying in a hostel, particularly when you have a friend along to split the bill! It might even total out to the same cost as hosteling, but you have your own space, which, as I am sure anyone who has ever had a roommate, a sibling, or hosteled before can understand, is a VERY VALUABLE THING.

I love Paris, despite the fact that its huge size drives me crazy and overwhelms me each time I hit the city. So I thought the perfect solution would be to rent an apartment and settle down in one place, where I can really explore a neighborhood, instead of Metro-hopping all hours of the day and night. I’ve seen a lot of the major Parisian sites, so staying put in one place sounds perfect to me. I can still catch the Metro easily from this beautiful apartment, but I will also be able to just run out the door for coffee and take it home with me if I want.

The apartment itself is simple and beautiful, and I picked the area, Montmartre, because I’d like to use the time as Go with Oh’s tester to really settle in and explore that area. Montmartre is historically rich with artists and writers, and I would use my time there to continue working on my writing as well. The apartment is exactly what makes me think of Paris: elegant and simple, complete with a balcony with the long, gauzy drapes practically screaming inspiration. I would love to hole up in this apartment, running out for croissants and baguettes, wine and cheese and to occasionally hit one of Paris’s most famous museums. To really be a Parisian, instead of being another one of the millions of tourists the city receives every year. And to have the opportunity to afford to really explore what it would be like to be a writer full-time, in one of the most famous literary areas in the world.

Paris is a magical city– one that as a writer and artist who is working multiple jobs and dipping into savings to make ends meet, one that is out of my reach at the moment. This stunning apartment is just a piece of the puzzle, of getting back to Paris and testing out my rusty French that hasn’t been used in three and a half years, since the last time I was in Paris, back when I was a student and my parents were helping me to explore and discover the world. That dream hasn’t died… and it’s determined to go to Paris and have this amazing living room:


J’aime la Paris et j’espère que je la voir avec <<Go with Oh!>>


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