I’ve got a golden ticket!!! Well.. sort of! It’s gold and shiny, and close to being free, so it pretty much counts. It’s also only slightly less cool than a real golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory (why isn’t that a Disney theme park, by the way?).


So this is my museum card for the next year. It costs 30 € for people under 26 years old (Wahoo!) and 60 € for those over the age of 26, which is, still, frankly a steal. Here’s a shot of the back which tells you the museums that it grants you admission to:


This card is included in the activities fee for study abroad students at Santa Reparata, but I had to purchase mine. So worth it, because it’s good for an entire year, and one museum can easily cost 10 euro or more, plus the time you spend waiting in line. The card acts like a prereserved ticket, so you can cut the line and go straight in. Win! My roommate and I did this recently at the Accademia, and let me tell you, was it worth it. We walked straight past the tour groups and avoided the line of people waiting to buy tickets. (Side note: should you not opt for the card, please pre-buy your tickets! The line isn’t worth it, pay the booking fee!). Really, though, for anyone planning on being in Florence longer than a couple of days, the card is the way to go, since you can return again and again to the museums for the original purchase price.

The past few weeks I’ve also been to see the Impressionist exhibition at the Pitti Palace and to the Boboli Gardens to shoot film for class. It’s so easy to go and so much more reasonable to spend only an hour in a museum when you haven’t spent a fortune on tickets. The Impressionist exhibition, for those currently visiting, or planning to visit, Florence, is a good one– but keep in mind that the Musée D’Orsay is a prominent museum and it is not that surprising that they would not part with their best works! The exhibit is very small, though definitely worth a look. It includes one of Degas’ ballerina paintings and a notable Renoir, and a couple of landscapes, but does not include any of the super-famous works. For those, make the trip to Paris– trust me, it’s so worth it.

Got a must-see museum for Florence? Let me know in the comments and maybe I’ll check it out!


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