For the few faithful and the newly discovering, welcome! I’ve spent the last few months working first in Washington, D.C. where I studied during college and then in middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania, and I’m thrilled to be announcing my next chapter of life: I’m moving back to Italy! I studied abroad in Florence during the spring semester of my junior year and loved living in Europe and having a more relaxed pace of life. This spring I went to a symposium on Spanish art at the Meadows Museum in Dallas and met a professor there who recommended an arts school in Florence to me that she described as “affordable.”

For those of you who are also recent grads, you will understand that my definition of affordable pretty much runs along the lines of dirt cheap or free, so I was skeptical, but decided to check out the school anyway. On their homepage was a tiny box advertising “Studio Monitor Art Residencies,” which I learned is basically an opportunity to work at the school in exchange for use of the facilities and one class per semester. I applied, and found out in June that I was accepted! One whirlwind (I had to wait until I returned to Texas) visa application later, I’M IN FLORENCE!!!!

I am so excited to share this amazing new adventure with you. In the meantime, if you know anywhere in the area that I definitely should not miss, let me know– I’m always up to try something new, even though I am looking forward to hitting old favorites. Grazie!


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