Steee-rike one! Looking for something fun to do? How about grabbing tickets to a Nats game? They are away at the moment, but they will be back in town Tuesday to face off against the Tigers. The weather hasn’t been the greatest for spring in D.C. this year, but don’t let that stop you from checking out a cheap way to spend the evening! Hopefully the spring weather will creep in, but tip #1– if it’s supposed to be cold, pick up some hand warmer packets to take to the game. They were life savers when I was at the game a few weeks ago!

Tip #2: if you’re strapped for cash, don’t waste your money on the “good” seats. Any seat in Nats park is a good seat! Baseball consists of more games than other sports, so the ballpark is smaller than, for example, a football stadium, so even if you’re sitting in the absolute cheapest seats, it really doesn’t seem like you are that far away from the action. Nats stadium in and of itself is great; it has a fantastic location right off the green line, which makes it so affordable since you don’t have to pay for parking, which is pretty expensive. I bought $10 tickets, which ended up costing about $15 apiece once you totaled in the fees. Also, as a heads up (tip #3), know in advance that you must print your own tickets OR use your smartphone. I personally have a paranoia that my phone will sporadically stop working, so I went with the print at home option.

Tip #4: Don’t be too late to the game in case the Nats are playing really quickly and the fourth inning pops around faster than you might think it would. You don’t want to miss the Presidents’ Race! A well-known tradition for the Nationals, the Presidents Race is not to be missed. After they race they stay out on the field to pump up the fans:


You can see the Capitol building from the ballpark, reminding you that even though you are at the game, you’re still in the nation’s capitol. Baseball is infinitely more fun when watched live (at least to me) and when you take a friend along, even in the dull moments you have someone to talk to. As the weather starts to warm up, grab a ticket and head to see the Nats– they’re supposed to do pretty well this season!


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