Otherwise entitled: We’ll always have Paris.

Wow– I can’t believe this blog is drawing to an end. Just as I rode the train into Paris, thinking, “I can’t believe this is almost over.”

The last week was filled with unique experiences (like the exhibit I went to see that had me in serious deja vu because Christina and I had seen it months earlier) and fun daytrips (like Fontainebleau, home to one of my favorite historical figures ever– Napoleon). Below, the facade of Fontainebleau.

Above, Napoleon’s bedroom. Love the jungle print! My next adventure was a quick one: dipping my feet in a public fountain, Parisian-style!
Next up, a visit to the Opera, where the legendary Phantom of the Opera was set. Pictures, above and below.
I also walked by Repetto, a famous pointe-shoe manufacturer as well as a supplier of ballet flats.
Next up was a trip to Giverny, legendary home of Monet and location of the famous water lily pond. Below, see photos from the trip.
One last adventure: a tour of Montmartre, the artist’s area of Paris. So beautiful.
Above, the infamous Moulin Rouge. They still do shows, but be prepared to shell out around 100 euros– for one. Below, a famous French children’s story in real life.
Below, the Sacre Coeur.
Above, the view from the Sacre Coeur, the top of a hill overlooking Paris. My last Parisian experience was destined to be amazing– Bastille Day! Unfortunately it was pouring rain and I don’t have pictures from the AMAZING military parade (Sarkozy in a car a la JFK and tons of tanks and planes) but I do have some pics from my very special last night in Paris.

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