Otherwise entitled: Fiction and Reality.

Next up, I headed to Marseille, where, as many who have read or seen Julie & Julia, or My Life in France, will know that Julia Child lived part of her life. I loved Marseille: not only was my hostel brand-new and sparkling clean, but the city was beautiful and the harbor was so nice. The weather was gorgeous while I was there, and I LOVED it. Enough of my raving. Below, the view of Marseille walking out of the train station.

Above, the Marseille harbor, with Notre Dame de la Garde behind. Below, two of the globes that were part of a massive city art display. 
A true story of why you should always visit the tourist office, no matter how stupid you think it might be: the Chateau d’If is off Marseille. IT EXISTS. I never would have known this unless I had seen the brochure at the office. To those of you who are lacking in your Alexandre Dumas knowledge (for shame! He’s amazing), it’s in the Count of Monte Cristo. SO COOL.
Above, the island and Chateau d’If. Below, the Comte’s cell (in the book, of course).
All in all, such a cool experience. Getting to see my favorite author’s inspiration! Once in a lifetime experience.

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