Otherwise entitled: Artist’s Home.

Aix-en-Provence ended up being a day trip for me since I couldn’t find a place to stay, but it was a charming small town. I didn’t really remember a lot about it, but upon arriving I stopped by the tourist office, and again, success! I walked around for a few hours and then braved the public buses to visit the Jas de Bouffan, where Cezanne spent a good part of his life, and his studio from later in his life. It was SO COOL! The tour of the Jas de Bouffan was really interesting, and the guide showed us where Cezanne was standing when he painted certain pictures. In addition, we watched an information video showing some of Cezanne’s most famous paintings– they had been painted on the walls of the house! His studio had an amazing amount of his own materials and possessions– a hat, a coat, objects used in still lifes, and had huge floor to ceiling windows. Below, some pictures from the Aix (that’s X to you non-French speakers).

A, la vie francaise…

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