Otherwise entitled: Beachy keen.

Well. First apologies for the sucky title. I left my notes at home and am working off memory for the rest of the blog. Inefficient? Probably. What do you do?

After the incredibly boring town of Blois, I was THRILLED to be headed to the beach for some legit R&R. I finally made it to Paris, and then on to Nice, with about fifteen million other people heading down for… you guessed it… the triathlon. As you are all super smart, I am sure you can guess that I was NOT participating. But the bike bags on the train tried to convince me otherwise… Anyway. My time was spent in a combination of wandering, laying out, getting sunburned, and making travel buddies. One day in Nice, one in Monaco, one in Cannes.

Above, the infamous blue-and-white umbrellas in Nice. Below, a nice beach-y view.
Above, a street view in Monaco. The royal palace in Monaco is actually a small city with tons of shops (tourist shops in particular) and buildings enclosed within the palace walls. Below, night view from the Nice beach. I also spent a day laying out in Cannes, a sandy beach area.

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