Otherwise entitled: Chateaux sighting.

I based out of Blois for my trip into the Loire Valley, but travelled all around using bus and train to see several famous French chateaux. Below, a really intense staircase in Blois. I have to comment about Blois… a great jumping off point, but not a whole lot to do. Keep that in mind.

Above, the chateau of Chambord. For travelers without cars, Blois offers a bus service to here and Cheverny, below. Cheverny was the basis for the castle in Tintin, a famous French comic book.
The next day I took the train to Chenonceaux, the French chateau that I’ve probably heard the most about in my lifetime. It was beautiful, and really interesting– the bridge-like shape is intentional– the owner built over the bridge.

After all my chateaux exploring, I headed back into Blois with the intent to catch a train to Nice, only to find out that pretty much every transportation worker was on strike, and ended up in intense “franglais” negotiations to not have to pay for a new train ticket. However, I eventually (one day later) ended up on my way to Nice.
Apologies for taking so long to start updating again; I couldn’t get my photos to upload on my computer and then I had to have the hard drive replaced, find an apartment, move… Anyway, I am back to posting and hope to have it done in the next few days. Love to all.

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