Otherwise entitled: A bit of R&R.

No, you’re not insane. I went back to Salzburg because I didn’t feel like I had seen enough of it at the time, and I really wanted a bit of time to relax before I headed on to Paris. SO, hence the trip back. It was nice to stay in one place for an extended period of time and to see the city more in depth. I did everything from the aquarium/ natural history museum combo to the Festival Halls. Below, some pictures of things that were not included on the first Salzburg blog.

Above, the view from a rooftop bar of Salzburg. So nice!
Above, me with the dwarf that all the children pat on the head in the Sound of Music during “Do Re Mi.” Pay attention next time. Note: it’s warm enough that I am wearing a dress! (Look forward to the return of jeans and jacket in France. It’s cold here!) Below, the festival halls where “Edelweiss” was filmed. During the late summer the festival is still held within these walls.
A really nice few days before I headed to Paris on the night train. I love Salzburg!

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