Otherwise entitled: Run, Forrest, Run.

Two cities in a day? You may well ask. Well, this is what happens when trains do fun things like detours and splitting and you end up getting in to a city too late to do anything. Below are a few pics, from nothing specific. In Amsterdam, we went to two museums before boarding the first (of many) trains we would take to get to Luxembourg (thanks again for that, Dad :P). First we hit the Anne Frank Haus, where we explored the area where Anne and her family lived during the war before they were betrayed and sent to concentration camps. It was SO interesting. I highly, highly recommend this museum. The annex was actually a lot larger than I had imagined, but I did have a nice bruise to display from the almost-vertical stairs. Like I said, very interesting. They also have Anne’s original diary. Then we went to the Van Gogh museum… not quite so fascinating. After seeing his masterpieces like Starry Night, the museum was somewhat of a disappointment, it housing mostly his early Impressionistic work, as well as work by other artists. In addition, their most famous work, The Bedroom, was being restored! Serious bummer. Then we caught the train to Luxembourg, where we didn’t do much of anything except walk and eat. But the meal deal we got was great… 15 euros for drink, salad, meal and dessert! Yum.

Above, the nice Best Western room Daniel and I got upgraded to since our 10-bed dorm hostel was overbooked. Sweet! Below, me in Amsterdam.
Below, shots from Luxembourg.
Daniel departed and I headed on. Look out, Brussels!

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