Otherwise entitled: A dream realized. Or, of the Chili’s warm chocolate cake, beaten.

Day thirty-one was spent wandering around Vienna, a beautiful city that we had stopped through on choir tour for a few short hours four years ago and that I have longed to return to. We spent the morning/ early afternoon after arriving wandering around, seeing a few of the major sights outside. Below, Stephansplatz.

Below, the candle that I lit for Ted, a dear friend of mine that passed away almost a year ago now. It’s the one on the second row alone at the back.
Below, the Belvedere gardens. We stopped off unexpectedly at the Belvedere to see the fabulous collection of art, including Klimt’s “The Kiss.” 
Then I ran across a rather familiar character, in the shape of an elephant. The picture below, from four years ago (which, as an aside, was super fun to attempt to find in my folders).
Aww. Aren’t we cute. Vienna was filled with beautiful buildings, and we fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams– we heard the Vienna Boy’s Choir. They were AMAZING. Absolutely amazing. Best experience ever. My favorite song that they sang was O Fortuna, and I have a little video for you below so you can “experience” it, though perhaps not as good as being there, no?
I leave you with one last picture: ladies, the Chili’s warm chocolate cake has officially been beaten.

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