Otherwise entitled: Of plastic sword-toothpick fights…

Next up was a stop into Budapest. The train pulled in, we checked into our hostel, and then headed out to refresh our memories on a city that we had seen four years ago on Prestonwood student choir music mission trip. The city was, and still is, absolutely beautiful.

The bridge built to link two previously separate cities, Buda and Pest, above. Below, the cable car we took up to the castle.

Daniel kept telling me the whole time about places we had seen before, etc, while there, which was fun, since my memory isn’t as good as his. Below, the roof of a church. Beautiful!

Below, a view of Parliament.

So all in all, a really fun day. Except for the hill trek at the end… we ended up going to the top of a hill to see something, but it was a serious walk. The title of the post comes from the last trip when I was in Budapest, and eating at TGI Friday’s with some friends. We ended up having a swordfight with our plastic toothpicks, which looked like swords. This post goes out to you, Laura Lefler…

We took the train from Budapest to Vienna today, so I’m current with blogs. However, I do think we’re fresh out of things that could possibly go wrong with this trip. Missed a flight? Check. Bag falling apart at the seams? Check. Stupid Hungarian woman who activated train pass incorrectly and made me run all over Budapest to fix it? Check. Seriously, some good karma would be nice…


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