Otherwise entitled: It rains, it pours.

Originally I really only planned to go to Krakow as a means of getting to Auschwitz, but I am so glad I got to see the city to– it was so cute! Typically Eastern European with a huge market square in the middle where Daniel and I spent hours wandering. I decided to condense my post about Krakow (we spent an afternoon and then a full day there) to one post because I really felt that Auschwitz was too heavy to combine with a sightseeing post. Below, the main market square in Krakow.

Then we saw this funny head thing. We don’t really know what it is, but everyone else was taking pictures of it, so we thought we should. If it has significance, let me know!

Above, the church of St. Peter and Paul. Below, Wawel Castle, where Daniel and I took a tour from a super cute Polish woman of the Royal Private Apartments. Pretty nifty.

We wandered about the city all day, enjoying the beauty of the buildings and the atmosphere… not so much enjoying the rain. It just keeps raining, every day. Apparently there is a lot of flooding in Poland because of it. Anyway, at long last we headed to the train station to catch the night train to Budapest. I was expecting a chair, so this turned out to be a nice surprise. Still, a bit cramped…

Oh the adventures of budget travel!


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