Otherwise entitled: An unexpected treasure.

“Guys, bad news,” says Adel, giggling in typical fashion. “The ferry to Dahab is broken.” Um, what? Egyptian efficiency for you. (Another example: Egyptians still don’t put much stock in traffic lights and usually run through all colors). So anyway, we ended up flying to Sharm el-Sheikh, and then going on into Dahab. After a lunch break (and sunscreen application– I rock for not getting burned on this trip) I headed down with to the beach with a bunch of people. And surprise! Not only does Dahab have a reef, but it’s RIGHT BEHIND THE HOTEL. I borrowed someone’s snorkel and flippers and dove in. It was gorgeous! Fish, reef, tons of stuff I had no idea was there.

We snorkeled for a while and then had our last group dinner, where we shared our favorite and least favorite memories from the trip. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Being sick! This definitely took the cake– almost everyone was ill at one point or another on the trip.
2. Being judged or hassled for being a woman.
3. Mistreatment of animals.

1. The group– most popular answer.
2. Making a lifelong dream come true.
3. The sights and the history.

We grabbed the shuttle into town and walked around, shopped, had a few drinks, etc. Afterwards, we all piled back in the van (sitting on one another to fit, see below).

All in all, it was such an amazing trip. Egypt is definitely somewhere I would like to return to someday– there is still so much to see.


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