Otherwise entitled: Black Hawk Down.

We headed out early to see the sights before the heat melted us! First stop was a quick side-of-the-road pullover to see the Colossus, below.

Then it was on to the famous (or rather infamous) Valley of the Kings just outside Luxor. We arrived and went through security (all Egyptian sights require tickets and have security guards and metal detectors, though it seems the rare occasion that they actually pay attention to them) and hopped the tram to the main entrance, after which we walked. The Valley of the Kings consists of 32 tombs, along with an extra that was left unfinished. Only six of them are open to the public, and two require extra admission. The three tombs ticket is the most common, and we entered the tombs of Ramses I, Ramses II and Ramses IV, plus we paid to enter the tomb of King Tut. The worst part– no cameras allowed, even outside, so below are photos off google, interspersed with my commentary.

Above, how the Valley of the Kings looks. The tombs were dug into the mountains, because they looked something like pyramids but were not as obvious and thus not looted as much in the beginning. The tomb of King Tut was so well preserved because another pharaoh actually built a tomb on top of his, so looters never looked below. Cool, huh?
Above, walking down into the tomb of Ramses II. All the walls were intricately carved and many still had intact colors. So cool! Afterwords we stopped by the temple Deir el-Bahri, or the temple of Hatshepsut, most of which has just been reconstructed.
 And to top it all off, before our long drive to Hurghada, where we got to see the Red Sea before moving on to Dahab, we stopped at Karnac temple.
And afterwords,  we went for dinner and drinks to chill out after the hot, hot, hot day.
 Sharon, me, Mark, Mel.
 Mel, Kathy, Katie, Kristen.
PS The title of the post comes from another groupmate, Jim (yes, just like you granddad…). He was constantly buying all the little ‘trinkets’ from the ‘we no hassle you, just come here,’ ‘our stuff good rubbish’ marketmen, and we were SWARMED when we left the Valley of the Kings, to the point that someone had to go back for him… good times.

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