Otherwise entitled: Hugging a saint.

Day thirteen was also spent doing a ton of driving due to the fact that we got completely lost in the mountains. Ew. Five hours on a bus winding through the mountains and arriving incredibly late to lunch (where thankfully there were incredible tapas) and turning it into dinner American-style and arriving at the hotel after dark does not equal fun. And can we take this moment to talk a bit about Spanish food? For the most part amazing, but it sucks when they only serve fish, and I am so sick of thin steak and french fries! Last night we got some amazing chicken and rice, though, so all’s good.

We spent a few hours in Santiago de Compostela on our drive up which was nice. Somehow we ran into a military ceremony, so that was interesting, but we went to see the city and the church. Santiago de Compostela is the end of a forty-day holy walk, and this is actually a holy year, so if you enter the church through the door of forgiveness, and hug the saint, you get a blessing, or good luck, or something. All that jazz. Covadonga up next, and then surprisingly the trip blogging will be (epically) over.


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