Otherwise entitled: At the end of the world.

Day twelve was spent with a lot of driving– but a lot of stops. The first stop: the beach! Let me tell you, little did I know, but packing a bikini was WORTHLESS! It was freezing the whole time, but we wandered the beach and I picked up some cool shells.

Madrid 2010… someone decided to have fun with writing in the sand. It did make for good photos though! Our next stop was at sand dunes. You used to be able to walk on them, but now you can only look at them from the boardwalk. Look, we’re in the Sahara, but it’s freezing!
Next we went to the Celtic village… my favorite place we visited. SO BEAUTIFUL!
Below are just closeups. We walked all the way to it, and then all around it. I was surprised it was allowed, but I think it’s not a very well known place. 
Next we were off to where the Spaniards used to think the world actually ended– before Columbus sailed the ocean blue and all that jazz. So cool! I can now officially say I have been to the end of the world and the mouth of hell.
Two more blogs about this trip, I think, then I’m off to Egypt. Hope you’re enjoying the massive posting… I couldn’t really keep up on the road but am going to try to be better this summer.

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