Otherwise entitled: The Mouth of Hell.

We spent the morning of the second day of the trip in Lisbon, supposedly one of the most romantic cities in the world. Unfortunately, three factors combined to make it not as wonderful: I got sick, it poured, and it was freezing cold. Somehow Europe missed the memo that it’s supposed to be springtime and temperatures have not been ideal. Nevertheless, the city was beautiful– I would really like to spend more time there seeing all the monuments and exploring the city.

Above, Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon. See all the umbrellas? Haha. The monastery consists of the church as well as several museums in the rest of the original building. We saw the inside of the church, but had to hurry– a wedding was going to happen!

Interior of the church, which is a really good (and rare) example of Manueline style. The church is decorated with all kinds of things from the new world– ears of corn, for example. Definitely unique!

The fortress in Lisbon.

A big statue- the Discoveries Monument! There are figures on both sides, representing important Portuguese people– one side is authors, poets, etc, and the other is historical figures, like the king and such.

Look, I’m standing in Portugal! 
Above and below, the Mouth of Hell in Cascais. 
Day eleven was spent on the bus, so up next day twelve, a beach, Celtic village, etc!

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