Otherwise entitled: City of Modernity.

Technically speaking, the Madrid post was supposed to go up before Christina and I left on her end-of-semester trip. Ah, well.

I ran around the city, seeing fabulous artwork (the Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen all house incredibly famous artwork, most notably Goya’s Third of May and Picasso’s Guernica) and eating delicious things like churros with chocolate. MM.

Generally there is not a lot to photograph in Madrid- it’s a city’s city. A very modern city. The artwork was definitely the best part, but the palace built by the French kings was pretty sweet.
The armor room has a ton of armor on actual horse and rider figures, which is really cool, and the rooms are open to the public (for the most part) and you can wander around. I also went to the naval museum and the botanical gardens. Aaaand…. that’s a wrap. Nothing too exciting. Look for updates in the next day or two about the trip.

One thought on “Days 5-8: Madrid

  1. Looks like you are having fun and seeing a good part of the world on your summer trip!! Hope you are enjoying your travels and can't wait to hear some "behind the scenes" details in person!

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