Oh. my. God.

Croatia was GORGEOUS. I uploaded photos from the first day last week but waited til this weekend when I had taken more pictures to upload the ones from the second memory card. And was… stunned. GORGEOUS.

Above, the harbor at Split. Split was an adorable tiny little town on the coast, made up of old architecture and smooth tiled streets. We stayed near the fish market– it smelled even after closing. Split used to have a huge palace in the middle of it, but now that area of town (and much of Split in general) doesn’t exist in the same conditions because of the war and occupation. Shops now exist in the remaining buildings. So many people speak English, and it really is a beautiful country. We took the overnight ferry on Thursday night and arrived in Split early Friday morning.

Here I am outside of Dubrovnik. We took the bus down there Saturday morning– a four hour ride, but all coastal, so not so bad! Dubrovnik is a fortress town– literally everything is within a fortress on a hill.

See the sweet street? Much, much nicer than walking on Italian cobblestones.

Waterfront in Dubrovnik. We took a cruise around the city to fully experience the fortress.

Croatian beach. One thing I recommend: don’t go to Croatia solely for the beach unless you enjoy walking on rocks. But overall it was a BEAUTIFUL country– hands down, I would go back.

No, to all of you asking, I still haven’t figured out my summer. You’ll be the first to know. I’m headed to Spain on April 29 for a little over two weeks, that’s all that is set. And congrats to Christina, who just accepted an offer for grad school in Spain! Guess who will totally be hitting you up for free housing next year…. ???? <333


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