Two posts in a day, because I’ve been delinquent about posting/ haven’t done much recently/ am bored now that I’m essentially done with school. This weekend the lovely Emily Poor (who needs to update her blog, hint hint) came to visit! On Saturday the weather was lovelyyy so we daytripped to Cinque Terre, a collection of five coastal towns a few hours by train outside Florence. It. was. beautiful. Hidden treasure trove of Italy. Technically you can walk the whole thing, but it eventually progresses to a two hour hike at the end and we decided to pass on that one. The view was incredible. The first walk (lover’s walk) starting at Riomaggiore was a nice little walk, relaxing, with amazing coastal views. Emily and I did the second walk as well but then opted to take the train the rest of the time.

The first view you get walking on to the path– you know it’s going to be great.
Beautiful water. Now if only it was warm!
One of the little towns. There’s not a lot to do– people go to look at the coastline, but it was cute.
Hello. Gorgeous. This town was probably my favorite scenic pic. Classic coastal Italy. It was beautiful– I highly, highly recommend it to anyone who’s ever in this area of Italy.

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