No, sadly, I did not zip around on a scooter followed by a gorgeous man a la Gregory Peck. Rather, I spent my time in Rome taking the GRE and running around the city on my own. My apologies for taking so long to update; I had about 30 shots left on my memory card and wanted to use it up before I uploaded photos and switched cards. Not to mention the fact  that I have been insanely busy. As I start this I’m supposed to be making progress on my art history paper, in addition to the fact that finals are upcoming and that I have to compose a yearbook budget tonight… from what, I have no idea. But Rome. Rome was.. interesting. Nice, in a way, but the GRE somewhat overshadowed the weekend. However, here are some pics I snapped. Highlight of the weekend? Catching a few cherry blossoms & feeling a bit of DC. Yes, yes, I know, the picture below is from Bologna but I had to include it for my fabs roomie Lauren Frail, who’s headed abroad next year 🙂 I mean, come on, they’re LORAX TREES! If I could have figured out how to get it home to you, dear, I would have bought you one on the spot.

Cuuuute. Anyway, on to the actual photos from Rome.

Beautiful blossoms.

Quintessential Roman monument.

St. Peter’s.

I spent Saturday morning at the Vatican. I highly recommend prebooking tickets… I did the morning session, skipped the entire line and was in the empty hallways of the Vatican around 8:30. Also, the Vatican museums are not a bunch of church history. I mean, they have cool stuff there! Some popes were serious collectors. And the Sistine Chapel is rectangular. Just for anyone who was confused and thought it was circular like I did…

Up next, a quick photo from Arrezzo and then CROATIA. Get excited, people.

And you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men… Not too sure what this summer holds. Rest assured, you’ll be the first to know when I figure it out.


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