The last two days of break were spent in Barcelona, where I switched currency for the fourth time over the week. Morgan and I flew into Girona airport and met up with Christina and then took the bus into the city, caught the Metro (much cheaper than the tube!) and checked into our hostel, and then grabbed some dinner. Next morning we headed out after breakfast to see the city. Below, a view of Barcelona from the waterfront.

Above: yay, beach! The weather was warm enough that we even went without our coats at some points. Although clearly not at this moment…
Afterwards we took the tram/ lift/ thing to the top of the hill. The view was incredible!
Above, the Sagrada Familia, an incredible piece of architecture. After that, we decided to go to the Gaudi park. The guidebook. described it as ‘metro and then an uphill walk.’ HA! Do not be deceived, dear friends. Welcome back to the hills! Never before have I taken an ESCALATOR to get up the hill, but here it began…
The park was cool, but what a walk! After a week of walking all day we were all glad to sit down to tapas, paella, and sangria. MM! The next morning we hit the Picasso museum. So cool! The museum was the only Picasso museum opened during his lifetime, and was opened by one of his good friends who donated his collection of art that Picasso had given him. Then Picasso donated another 1, 000 or so works to the museum. It’s arranged chronologically, so you really see his progression from classical training to his cubist work. 
Ne pasa nada is a Spanish phrase that essentially means, no worries. And that was spring break in a nutshell– other than making sure we got on our flights, we had a week’s worth of fun. I can’t believe that the semester is halfway over. I’m not quite ready to get back to real life just yet.

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