Midway through spring break I headed off to London to see the sights and visit Yoojin, one of my good friends from high school. Morgan and I got in mid-morning and took the (gasp!) 20 pound train into town, and then split up so she could drop her stuff off before our tour of Stonehenge. We ended up walking for AGES trying to find the meeting spot and eventually got picked up somewhere else, but moral of the story, we got on the bus and headed out to the countryside to see the monument.

^^^Look guys, I’m back in New Zealand!!!
Afterwards we grabbed dinner (where we wondered whether we should tip or not) and then much later I met up with Yoodj. The next day we spent going around London. We started with a trip to the British Museum. Seriously cool place.  We saw tons of Egyptian mummies and some other cool stuff. Then we went on our open-top bus tour, where we FROZE but experienced a lot of London!
Big Ben!
The London Eye (aka big ferris wheel that takes half an hour and looks like it is standing still).
Above, the Tower Bridge referred to in the popular children’s song ‘London Bridge is Falling Down.’ That night I met up with Yoodj and we went for Chinese food… finally got the wonton soup I’ve been craving!!
Changing of the guard that we saw Friday morning before we left. A capitol time!

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