Well, the epic spring break has ended, and I’m thankful to have a few days off of city-hopping! The trip was a blast, and I had so much fun! First on the list of stops was a trip to Edinburgh (Ed-in-burr-ugh), Scotland to see my near and dear friend Emily Poor. For those of you who don’t know Emily, we’ve been friends since freshman year, but sophomore spring she transferred, and then ended up back at AU, but we’ve barely seen each other since then due to me being abroad, so it was fabulous to see her again. She picked me up at the airport (after a slight mishap at customs… the lady wasn’t too happy I didn’t know my address in the country) and we made grilled cheese and got caught up before heading to bed- my flight got in pretty late. The next morning we were off to see Edinburgh! We walked around, saw the castles and many monuments, went to the big art gallery (where the Impressionist paintings were off display– I was SO MAD), dropped by to run an errand for my dad, and in general fought against the wind which was determined to turn our umbrellas inside out. See below for a view of the city.

The next day Emily and I decided to day trip out of Edinburgh. We ended up in Stirling, about an hour outside the city, and went to see the castle. It was super cute, but we couldn’t actually see the inside because it was under restoration. The castle (after its castle-y use) had been used as an army barracks so the restorers are busy at work to make the castle look as it used to. The museum preserves the history of the army barracks there at Stirling Castle, and furniture and other elements are slowly being added back into the castle, Great Hall, and chapel, where they are re-weaving the tapestries that used to hang there. It was really interesting.
Above, a view of Stirling Castle. 
The view from the castle. Beautiful! So moral of the story: Scotland= beautiful. The next day I flew and spent (just the one day) in Dublin, where I picked up a super cute present for my mommy and for Garrett. We ran around the city for the day, but I think if I went back I’d definitely spend my time in the countryside.
We also hit up Butler’s Chocolate Cafe for some delish cookie hot chocolate that I remembered from New Zealand. MMM! Later on, Morgan and I found a cheap way to get home….
A great start to the trip, and next up, London!

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