Last Saturday we took off for a trip to Siena and San Gimignano for art history. Best trip yet- the talking wasn’t as overwhelming as it usually is. And the two towns were beautiful. It was nice to get out in Tuscany and experience the smaller towns, though Siena wasn’t quite so small… San Gimignano was tiny though. It was a really fun day, though, seeing incredible artwork, including the Good Government frescoes and Duccio’s Maesta. Photography wasn’t allowed in most places, but I did get a few good pics of the countryside.

Above, a street view in Siena. Below, the famed “zebra-striped” church. 

The Opera del Duomo in Siena is part of the original architecture in the area and has an old tower that we climbed to get great views of the city… the picture above was taken there, as was the picture below. Meet Bailey!

Sorry my eyes are closed, dudes. It was bright! Imagine that. Then later it rained. Go figure. Below’s the inside of the cathedral… it’s striped just like the outside! Rather interesting design element. 
Afterwards we went to the Palazzo Pubblico to see the good government frescoes I mentioned above and had a guest lecture, and then broke for lunch. We ended up getting huuuuuge slices of pizza for less than three euro and tasting some local traditional cookies (MMM). Then it was on to San Gimignano! San Gimignano is tiny (as in five-ten minutes to walk the whole thing, tiny) and is famous for its huge towers evidenced below.
We climbed one of these towers, which has a modern staircase, a nice change from the typical windy staircases we’d climbed earlier in the day and at the Duomo in Florence. It was quite the hike, but the view was INCREDIBLE.
Amazing trip. I’m off to spring break on Saturday, back the following Sunday, and then Rachael will be here for a week! And on that note, I’m off to prep for Helen’s midterm. Oh, the joys…

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