One of the things that I LOVE about studying art history in Florence is the amount of on-site visits we get to do! Usually one out of two art history classes is spent on site studying art up close and personal. Last week we got to tour the inside of the Duomo for class. The inside, unfortunately, is not quite as beautiful (in my opinion), but it was still really interesting to have class in a historic site and get to look at real artwork instead of a projector.

Above, the interior of the Duomo. Below, the inside of the dome.
One of the things that I love most about cities steeped in ancient history is the things that people find when they go looking. When excavations were undertaken below the Duomo, archeologists found remnants of ancient Roman houses and two previous churches. I think that is just too cool. Also, when they were excavating, they found Brunelleschi’s tomb, pictured last.
See the different flooring?
Anyway, the perks of studying art in Florence. Not too much else exciting is going on- Morgan and I made zucchini flowers this week (surprisingly good), and my friend Kelsey from AU popped over for a visit to Florence with a few friends. We wandered around today and went to the Accademia to see Michelangelo’s David. For one, the David is actually like 17 feet tall, not the 6 feet or so he appears in photographs. The detail was stunning- the veins in the hands, etc. But I got the feeling that I so often get when surrounded by the most prestigious artwork in the world- I’m underimpressed, and I’m sad.
Underimpressed because while yes, the Mona Lisa is fascinating, and yes, the David is a beautiful work of art, they can never really live up to the status that people ascrib to them. And sad because there is so much other beautiful artwork on display in those museums that so many people just pass by.
Sunday I’m off to Pisa with Helen, and next weekend I’m in Venice for Carnivale. But stay in touch loves- and leave comments! According to Elisa it’s fixed, so blame her if it doesn’t work. 😉

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