Also known as: Helen strikes again.

Both my parents asked me if I had fun; I wasn’t really sure what to say. Yes, the artwork was cool, but I would have liked to have had more time on my own to explore and relax rather than being pounded into the ground and having my head exploding with art history facts. Nevertheless, it was a good way to see a smaller city in Italy.

I LOVE the above photo. Classic Italian. This is also the part where I restate that my pictures are just that: mine. Personal use only, please.
Old mosaics; you can tell they have been removed from their original wall and mounted here.
Above, insanely detailed Early Christian mosaics in a church in Ravenna. The gold is unbelievable- you definitely can’t tell from the picture. These go down both sides of the church, and they’re depictions of saints.

Classic art history- later generations thought that the depictions of certain people was not acceptable, and simply painted over them. If you look on the white columns you can see a hand or two of the original figures.

A protest! I feel right at home.
Above, the outside of Dante’s tomb. He was exiled from Florence and lived and died in Ravenna. For decades Florence has been trying to get the body back for prestige’s sake… Ravenna isn’t having any of that. Below, the inside of the tomb.
Below, the inside of a church- below the main ‘stage’ area. Can you see the remnants of a great flood?
So perhaps not the most fun trip, but we definitely saw some interesting sites, and things I wouldn’t have known to go see without the class. 

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