For those who don’t know Helen’s my art history teacher. She’s… enthusiastic. Shall we say. Anyway, last Friday we took a tour around Florence to see the inside of the Baptistery and to go to San Miniato, a church on a hill that overlooks the city of Florence.

Above is a large view of the dome of the baptistery. You really get neck strain going to all these churches– I can just imagine the artists precariously balanced on scaffolding putting this all into place.
Below, a closer shot of the ceiling. Each row of images symbolizes something different- scenes from the life of Christ, the passion, the disciples, etc.
 After the baptistery, we began our walk to San Miniato. Below, a view of the church from below.
To get to the church, we crossed the river and exited the ancient city gates, below.

I felt like I was back in New Zealand right after… tons and tons of stairs later, we finally reached the top of the hill and the church of San Miniato. We stayed and toured the church and listened to the Gregorian chants at 530. Below is the view from near the top, closer to Piazza Michelangelo.

Beautiful, yes?

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