Promised pictures, delivered. Below is my apartment.

The past few days have been busy, busy, busy! I still have one class that I haven’t been to yet but the rest seem like they will be fun- my ‘sabbatical,’ as I’m calling it, from my major.

Today was gorgeous- sunny and not too cold, so Ali and I walked around Florence to take some pictures since the weather was so gloomy when we first got in. Plus, I had really wanted to see the city from another perspective than behind the camera lens, so I waited til the weather improved to start taking pictures of the city. It was fun playing tourist today and taking a million photos.

Above is a picture of the Duomo, also known as Santa Maria del Fiore. To the left you can see the big dome- the church was built in the Gothic period, but the dome was constructed in the Renaissance (thanks, art history). The cathedral itself is to the left and middle, and to the right is the baptistry, in the shape of an octagon, symbolizing Christ’s resurrection. This is the main point in the city– from most places you can spot the dome and figure out where you are.
Below is Sant’Antonio where the main building of SACI is, where I have most of my classes. The building has a lot of historical value– one of Galileo’s last mapmakers resided here, as well as the infamous Mona Lisa. I’ll keep posting pictures as I have time. Much love!
 Facade of Palazzo dei Cartelloni

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