It’s only been a few days and yet I feel I have so much to update you guys on!

I’m sitting in my apartment eating Cocoa Pops with ‘il latte fresco,’ some percentage unknown of milk, and decided to take a moment now since I’m not sure when I’ll have another. Saturday I headed back to the SACI main building to go on some tours designed to help students out. Personally, Italy is a huge maze to me and the tours didn’t really help, but they were interesting. Between tours Morgan and I ran to the market to get things to make dinner sunday night. Ohmigod the market. It’s HUGE and AMAZING and why the heck don’t we have them in the US? The vendors are completely adorable, and 100% helpful, even if they don’t speak English. It has everything from fruits and vegetables to meat (which the butcher will clean and cut for you) to pasta and wine. It’s heavenly. It’s so big that we only had time for ingredients for dinner… not enough time to get our own groceries. After that we went back to SACI for a bit for our next tour, which we thought would be an hour…

Three hours later, feet aching and stomachs growling, we finished the tour. Let me remind you, Florence, Firenze (fee-ren-zay) is not that large of a city, and I have no idea how it took that long, but we did see quite a bit of the city. The architecture is truly amazing… it’s quintessential Europe. Truly beautiful. So that was Saturday… walking, walking, walking.

Sunday I stayed in bed late, until Morgan texted and wanted to know if I wanted to go with them to see the Ponte Vecchio. The Ponte Vecchio is essentially a bridge over the Arno River, but it’s lined with shops that have windows that you can look through to see the river. Absolutely beautiful. Also, on Sunday it stopped raining, so it was truly awesome. We walked around that area for a bit, walked around the San Lorenzo Market, and then headed back to cook dinner. Eight in total came to dinner (including us- me and the roommates) and had a ton of fun, eventually breaking up because we were cutting it close to the ‘be quiet after 1030 PM’ rule.

This morning, we started classes. Um, how can I phrase this?


Seriously. Love it. I have survival Italian tonight since I’m not taking an Italian class, and then I have new classes tomorrow, when I hopefully won’t blow the electricity and have to have my landlord come over to fix it … no more hairdryers for me. 😦

I swear, I swear, pictures soon. Promise. Let me know if you want my Italian cell and/ or address! xoxox


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