… two posts in a day!

I wanted to add a bit more since I headed back to orientation in the afternoon and have gotten a second wind since. I went to a volunteering session and signed up to help with gallery exhibitions and to give tours at one of the major monuments here, which should be fun. Enter key players now.

Me: Hey, you go to AU, yes?

Brunette: Yes….

Me: And you’re a Phi Mu, right?

Brunette: Yes. OMG, so are you!

Suffice it to say, very entertaining, and not the least embarrassing because neither of us remembered the other’s name (hers is Ali). Ali (who has since disaffiliated with the sorority) invited me to come with her and her roommates to look at cell phones, and I ended up going to their apartment, buying a cell phone (let me know if you really want the number), heading back to SACI (sah-chee, as they pronounce it at the school) for the welcome party, and then grabbing a bite of dinner after. Her roommates Stephanie and Morgan are really sweet, and they have a fourth but she wasn’t around. Tomorrow’s a busy day- tours of the SACI facilities as well as of the city/major Florentine monuments, and the roomies and I are going to try to make a trip to the post office (to buy health insurance, required, of course) and the market, and possibly cook dinner. So, a fabulous day ahead.


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