Well, being that it’s my first official day in Florence, I thought I should say something here before I fall flat on my face. I flew Lufthansa, booked through student universe, which meant I had a seven-hour layover in Frankfurt, during which time I watched it snow. Yes, in case anyone cares, it is frigid and snowing in Germany. For those who don’t know, I sleep horribly on planes, so I didn’t manage to sleep at all. I took a nap at the airport (sleeping ON my stuff, naturally), and finally arrived (in the dark) in Florence. Got my luggage, grabbed a cab, moved into my apartment. My landlords are super sweet. However, they speak no English… thankfully someone from the agency I used was there to help translate.

A word on airport efficiency. In Germany, because we disembarked outside and took a bus to the terminal, I had to re-enter security and have my passport inspected (and stamped). In Florence, they didn’t even look at my passport! Go figure.

So, to add to my trauma of arriving after dark, depressed/hungry/exhausted, and waiting outside for my landlords to arrive on a dark street where I was terrified of being robbed, this morning orientation started. Time to walk to orientation: one hour. Time to walk home: 5 minutes. Suffice it to say, I got totally lost on my first day and as a result was quite late. Oh, well. Such is life. I have to walk back to school in about 15 minutes for a volunteering session and then there’s a welcome party at 6 where hopefully I will meet some nice people since I have no roomies/automatic-group-of-friends. And then… bed. Where I wish I was right now.

Anyway. That’s all for the moment. I’ll post pics of the apartment soon and write more after I start classes on Monday.


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