… otherwise known as, a trip to the Blue Mountains.

The Blue Mountains, located outside of Sydney, are famous for the ‘Three Sisters’ rock formation. Karalyn and I decided to daytrip there to get out of the city for the day, and booked the trip through the hostel with a locals-run company. Early in the morning we hopped aboard and after a few hours it seemed as if we’d never been in a city at all.

First we stopped in a little place to see kangaroos in ‘the wild.’ Granted, hundreds of tourists stop every day to stare at these particular kangaroos, but excepting the outback, it’s the best you’re gonna get.

Then we stopped at a little clearing above the Jamison Valley. Most Blue Mountain tour guides don’t take their tours there because… well, it’s a prime point for someone to die- there’s no railing or anything, but the view was spectacular.

We journeyed on into the mountains and did a bit of a trek (lots of stairs) to see a waterfall (though the base was far too low for us to climb to).

(This was part of the waterfall… it flowed under a walkway and crashed down to the valley floor.)

Then we made a short trip down some steep stairs for a fantastic view up close of the Three Sisters.

Before the laws were changed, people actually used to rock climb the Three Sisters.

And then, we headed to a big tourist Blue Mountains destination. We walked down the (literally) thousand steps, through the rainforest, and then took the steepest railway in the world back up to the top.

And that’s a wrap, pretty much. In a few days I’ll have a wrap up post to speak about the semester as a whole.


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