Next on our all-inclusive trip to Australia was a trip into the rainforest. There’s nothing like stepping into a completely different ecosystem- beach to rainforest. The Daintree Rainforest is near Cairns, a few hours drive out of the city, across a river, and up into the very deserted regions past civilization. There are only a few places to stay, and there’s not a whole lot to do or eat, but the natural environment is simply beautiful.

Below are a multitude of pictures of the rainforest from the boardwalks that we explored on and the beach we wandered on.

Below, a cassowary. If the cassowary became extinct the rainforest would disappear in a crazy small number of years.

Above, a road sign that someone decided to take a Sharpie to…

On the way up to the rainforest we stopped and did a nature walk as well as to tour a small animal sanctuary-type place and then on the way back down we did a croc tour and stopped and got real-fruit ice cream. MMM. Check out the weird fruit!

The rainforest was an incredible experience- I was so glad that we got to see something truly unique in Australia.

PS- Lauren’s internet hates me. Thus, the beach photo will hopefully appear later. (See below).


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