So, the long overdue post about the Great Barrier Reef.

Crack of dawn, bus shuttles us over to this huge tourist building filled with over ten different reef visiting ship operations and Karalyn and I wait in the line for our ship which has yet to open to check us in. Remind me why we got up at 7 ish in the morning? Anyway, soon enough we checked in and got on the boat and headed out. Sunscreen slathered on, we headed out to the deck to enjoy the sun and warm weather. We had two stops on the boat, and saw a myriad of sea creatures, including giant clams, cuddlefish, and some sort of fish with teeth… rest assured I steered clear of them. We snorkeled around and Karalyn did a scuba dive and we just relaxed. And, despite six applications of sunscreen, I ended up thoroughly sunburned, hence the title of the post. Below are some pictures taken with an underwater camera on the reef. Not the best perhaps, but you get the idea.

Above: Reef. Lots of the different things that make up the reef itself. Below: yellow fish.

Above: angelfish. Below: the reef from above. The dark patches are the reef.

Stay tuned for more about the rest of the Australia trip and a wrap up post.


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